No one ever chooses to have rodents invade their space.

Are you looking for a way to keep your family safe or fix a current infestation? Absolute Critters can solve all your rodent needs. Rats spread numerous diseases that can be spread to humans or household pets. Why take the risk? Our highly trained staff can remove rats from your residential or commercial space and make sure that our solution fits everyone’s needs. There are several species of rats found in the United States but some are more common than others. The Norway rat and the Roof rat are two of the most popular critters you may find. Rats vary in size and color though most are brown or black. They have sharp teeth that they love to use to gnaw on things around your house or business. They are social critters and often if you see one there are many more around. Don’t let one or one hundred rats ruin your day.
So what if you have rats?
  • Rats are usually only active at night
  • You may have holes around your foundation or nests in the attic areas
  • You often hear scurrying and scratching sounds around the house
  • Rats often chew through things such as cords, wood, and other surfaces
  • Rats leave a lot of droppings
Why should you contact a professional?
  • Rats can become a nuisance to your home or business
  • They can create costly damage
  • Wildlife professionals can remove rats and their feces using trained safety measures and materials
  • Rats can be extremely unhealthy critters to have in your home
  • Rats carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans, therefore a trained professional is a must to put an end to your rat invasion