Raccoons invading your space and you are not ready for a new pet?

Is your garbage can their new food source? You may hear strange noises, as raccoons can be very vocal, and scurrying in common household areas such as the garage, attic, or chimney. It’s likely a raccoon is to blame. They are nocturnal animals so you will most likely realize you have invaders at night. They are looking for effortless meals and a place to create latrine sites. If you find one of these sites you most likely have an infestation. Raccoons are usually shy animals but not always. They can become increasing comfortable with humans. You should never approach a raccoon as they can attack with their teeth and sharp clothes. Also, it’s important to keep your pets inside if you suspect you have raccoons in order to keep them safe. Raccoons can carry diseases such as rabies that can be dangerous if encountered through raccoon scat. Call Absolute Critter and we will take care of all your unwanted pet needs.

How do you know if a raccoon is to blame?
  • Raccoon droppings are a cylinder shape with blunt ends
  • Often find a latrine sight that raccoons like to return to
  • Find handprints with five fingers and five toes
  • Hear noises at night
Why should you contact professional help?
  • Raccoon latrines can contain roundworm eggs that can be harmful if ingested by household pets
  • Raccoons can carry rabies that can also be harmful
  • Allow a professional to remove the raccoon, clean the scat, and disinfect the area
  • We have the equipment to do so in a safe and humane manner