Have you ever heard of a flying rat?

Many people refer to pigeons as flying rats due to their pesky behavior. They thrive in an urban environment and they like to go through trash bags leaving a trail of mess behind. They are also very social creatures and are rarely seen alone. They stick to places that can provide them all the necessities including food and are not afraid to pester people for it. Pigeons can become quite annoying and the problem can get out of hand quite quickly. You may find you have a pigeon infestation if you notice many birds roosting around your property. Call Absolute Critters and we can get rid of your pigeon problems today!

Pigeons can also be very harmful because of the diseases they are known to carry such as toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis.. Their feces can carry parasites including fleas and ticks. These can be potentially dangerous to humans and animals. Pigeons droppings can also cause damage to buildings and be costly to fix. Their droppings can also kill vegetation and just be quite unpleasing to look at everywhere.

So what if you have pigeons?
  • Do not feed the pigeons
  • Pigeons like to inhabit attics or lofts and often roost here and build nests
  • Try to remove water and food sources if possible and seal outdoor openings
  • Call a professional today and let us remove the health risk and expensive repairs that pigeons cause
Why should you contact a professional?
  • Our trained professionals can answer all your questions and explain how the pigeon removal process works
  • Our work is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is important to us.
  • After removing the birds, it is important to clean and disinfect
  • It is important to eliminate feeding and roosting sites. We can help removes these sites and help prevent future problems.
  • Let us design a plan that is right for you and your property.