Is it playing dead or is it really alive and thriving in my space?

Opossums are notorious for playing dead if they think a predator is approaching. Even though they usually don’t attack, they will bare their teeth and hiss as a way to try to scare off a predator that has come to close. They also release a terrible odor when scared. Opossums are nocturnal and the only marsupials native to North America. These infamous critters love to sneak around houses at night looking for food. They will eat anything from insects to
garbage to roadkill. They can also be quite damaging to both residential and commercial properties. If they decide to burrow or forage near your space they can disturb gardens, pet areas, and parts of your home. They will stay as long as there is food to eat. Call Absolute Critter today for a trained professional to assess the situation and provide you with a fast and effective solution.

So what if you have an opossum?
  • Many people recognize an opossum by its’ scent
  • Opossums are white or gray in color with a long pointed face
  • Opossums are generally quiet animals unless hissing if threatened
  • Evidence of their destruction can be found in raided garbage cans
  • Scratching noises at night, chewing wires or insulation
Why should you contact professional help?
  • Opossums are usually not aggressive but will go to great lengths to defend themselves and their young
  • They can serve as a host to fleas, ticks, lice, and mites which can be dangerous to pets
  • A wildlife professional can make sure that they are safely removed and their droppings cleaned
  • Immediate removal is essential to prevent sickness and disruption of property
  • Opossum droppings can contain bacteria that can be harmful