Iguanas as a pet or as an unwanted critter?

Iguanas are not native to Florida, yet have become quite popular in many communities in the state of Florida. The landscape and access to fresh water make Florida living very attractive to iguanas. There are three common types of iguanas found in Florida including the green iguana, the Mexican spinytail iguana, and the black spinytail iguana. Many iguanas started as household pets but now that they roam free they have become quite a nuisance. They can destroy infrastructures including sidewalks and foundations and as well as damage vegetation. Iguanas are herbivores so they love eating all your plants and vegetables. Call Absolute Critters and we can get rid of your iguana problems today!

Iguanas can vary in color and size. Some iguanas can grow to be up to 5 feet in length and range from 7 to 17 pounds. They love to spend their time sun bathing on roofs and munching on plants and landscape. Iguanas are also skilled burrowers and can cause a lot of damage from the tunnels they dig. Even though many think that iguanas are cute and fun to watch their damage can be extensive.

So what if you have iguanas?
  • There are steps you can take to change your environment to make it less attractive to iguanas including preventing burrowing by filling in holes and removing plants that iguanas like to feast on
  • Watch out for iguanas that may burrow under your foundation or make home in your attic
Why should you contact a professional?
  • Our trained professionals can answer all your questions and explain how the iguana removal process works
  • Our work is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is important to us.
  • Iguanas live in burrows that can cause serious infastructure damage
  • Do not try to catch the iguana yourself. They have sharp teeth that can be harmful
  • Iguana feces can become problematic because it can carry the bacteria salmonella
  • Don’t let your iguana problem get out of hand. We can help iguana proof your home to prevent future problems.