Wild hogs are not native to Florida but can be very common in many areas.

They are adaptive animals that live in a variety of environments from the desert to arctic like conditions. They are also very intelligent and travel in units called sounders. Sounders are social units made up of a few hogs or several dozen. This can be quite a problem if they begin invading your space. Call Absolute Critter today and let us devise a problem to control the hogs roaming your area.

These wild hogs can also be dangerous and ruinous to you and your property. Wild hogs can can be extremely destructive. These hogs love to roll around in your yard and leave tracks that look similar to deer tracks. If they cannot find food easily, they will use their snouts to dig while they hunt for food. This can ruin your soil and plants and leave your yard looking like a terrible mess. In addition to all their wallowing, they also leave scat that can be very large in size. This is not pleasant to look at or smell but you can also run the risk of it contaminating your food and water. If you have other livestock or household pets, it is especially important to get control of the wild hogs because the scat they leave behind can cary diseases. Certain diseases such as E. Coli can be transferred to humans. Trying to control this problem yourself is futile.

So what if you have hogs?
  • You may hear sounds such as growling, grunting or squealing. If you hear these sounds you most likely have wild hogs around
  • You may see tracks in your yard that have a rounded shape
  • Hogs may attack if they feel threatened so please avoid them and call a professional
Why should you contact a professional?
  • Our trained professionals can answer all your questions and explain how the hog removal process works
  • Our work is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is important to us.
  • Hogs have a strong bite so it is important to let a professional handle their removal
  • It is important to remove hogs quickly due to the damage they can create and the risk associated with their droppings