Don’t let a gator get any closer to you or your family.

If you see one, stay calm and call Absolute Critters today for the safe removal of an alligator on your property. Alligators tend to be more dangerous during springtime due to their mating and nesting habits. Make sure to pay extra attention to your surroundings during this time!

Alligators reside in China and North America and many call Florida home due to the access to fresh water. As Floridians, we are very familiar with alligators and their potential danger. Alligators are one of the largest animals in North America with males weighing up to 1000 pounds and females up to 250 pounds. With that size and strength you definitely don’t want to try to wrangle an alligator yourself!

It is also important that you never approach an alligator nor feed it. You do not want alligators to associate humans with food. Instead, call us today and we will help with the removal of the gator from your property.

So what if you have gators?
  • Gators can be harmful to pets, children, and adults. It is important to not fed the gators. Feeding alligators is illegal and a punishable offense.
  • Gators love the water and are drawn to lakes, ponds, and even pools so help make your home less gator friendly
  • You can cut back an alligators access to water by eliminating entry points
  • Consult a professional immediately
Why should you contact a professional?
  • Our trained professionals can answer all your questions and explain how the alligator removal process works
  • Our work is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is important to us.
  • Gators are very strong and can be very dangerous to humans and household pets. Leave the handwork to a professional.
  • Gators are protected by laws so it is best to call a professional so they can make sure all correct procedures are in place.