Are armadillos adorable or annoying?

Armadillos are insectivorous mammals with only one species inhabiting the United States. The nine-banded armadillos love the warm habitat of Florida and like to make it home. They are also fond of brushy and humid areas making your backyard their perfect new home. These critters are mainly nocturnal and solitary making them extremely hard to catch. They burrow and scour for food at night. They mostly eat insects and worms. Armadillos can cause immense damage in a short amount of time making them more annoying than adorable. Your gardens, sidewalks, landscaping, and house foundation can be at risk. Armadillos usually weigh about twelve pounds and are known for their long pointed nose and shell.  

There are several things you can try to discourage an armadillo from foraging around your property, however, calling a trained professional is a must! Call Absolute Critters today and let us solve your problem in a safe and humane manner. We have the expertise and experience to complete an inspection, remove the animal, and clean up any droppings.  

So what if you have an armadillo?
  • Armadillos love to dig holes and burrow when hunting for food
  • Armadillos leave tracks in mud or dirt
  • Armadillo scat is common around their burrows
Why should you contact professional help?
  • Holes dug by armadillos can become costly to fix
  • They can also cause damage to fences, foundations, and garden areas
  • Armadillos can host parasites as well as carry other bacteria that can be very dangerous
  • Close contact should only be made by a trained professional to prevent transmission
  • A trained wildlife professional has proper protection to prevent scratches and other injuries